The Ukulele Lady

When The Ukulele Lady shows up at your conference or meeting she immediately becomes the starlet of the event! (She wouldn’t have it any other way!) Lana Miranda is the epitome of perfect imperfection. Her unique talents as a musician, singer, songwriter and dancer will shake up and stir your event to a new level!

 Lana Miranda doesn’t like to brag but she was a previous member of “The Newfie Screetcher’s” and was even asked to perform for the TSO (yes! The Toronto Symphony Orchestra)!  She has since retired her sponge rollers and her potato sack dress (wow! that dress was itchy!) and, while looking inward for new inspiration and creativity (and flowers from her bathroom flower arrangement) - voila! Lana Miranda was born!

Much to the dismay of her audience, Lana Miranda has taken up playing the ukulele and loves to entertain with her new found talent (?) Lana Miranda is a “just go for it” kinda gal who will demonstrate the perfection of imperfection. Couldn’t we all use that message in our daily lives?